StuartHoeghYosemite.pngHi, my name is Stuart Hoegh. Over the years I have worn through many pairs of climbing shoes. Some I have chosen to get resoled and some I have not. Inevitably, climbing rubber wears down. What frustrated me and drove me to develop Sole Survivor was the cost and wait time for small fixes. On several climbing trips I wore a hole in shoe and had no way to fix the problem quickly or even prevent it from getting worse. Instead, I was out a pair of reliable shoes. After spending $180 on shoes and blowing out the toes in a couple months of climbing, I decided to find a solution. I began testing various rubber and glue combinations and after almost a year felt I had a kit that met my expectations: easy to apply, durable, cost effective. Our company thrives on getting you back on the wall. Please let us know what you think of our product by leaving a comment on the Contact page.

Thank you


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